Herbal Skin Care: 7 Things You Must Know

Let me ask you a simple question... Do you know the main ingredient in your skin moisturizer? I'll bet you don't. I just presumed mine was something natural, and good for you, because it was a leading brand. When I actually checked the label it read like a chemical factory!

This started me on my education in natural and herbal treatment for the skin.

Let me fill you in on the 7 most important things you might not know about herbal skin care.

1. Just because it is made by a company you trust, and costs a lot, doesn't mean it's all natural. Synthetic ingredients are usually cheaper, and more readily available. If natural ingredients are not extensively used, the products will be cheaper to manufacture. A great example of this is Manuka Honey from New Zealand. A lot of natural skin care products are adding this ingredient ,as it promotes healing and rejuvenates skin. Unfortunately it has to be imported from New Zealand and not manufactured in a lab.

2. You should not put anything on your skin that you could not eat...You read that right. What you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body through absorption.

3. A truly herbal treatment for the skin should not contain paraben. An artificial preservative found in a lot of cosmetics.

4. Herbal skin care should not have sunscreen chemicals in their formulas. Zinc or titanium dioxide are two natural sunscreens, but they should be applied separately, when needed. They should not be included in your make up or moisturizer. 5. There is a second reason your cosmetics should not contain sunscreen. Everyone needs some sun exposure everyday for adequate production of Vitamin D.

6. Natural products do not contain fragrance. Most fragrances that stay with a substance are not natural, and are a source of irritation for a lot of people. Natural fragrances are very fleeting.

7. Herbal skin care has been around since the beginning of time. It's nothing new, some companies have simply gotten away from it due to the profit motive. One of the biggest advocates of herbal treatment for the skin was Cleopatra. It is well documented that she was one of the most beautiful women of all time and used only natural cosmetics.

Before you massage that moisturizer into you skin read your label...You will probably be as surprised as I was to learn you are not using an herbal skin care product. You will probably discover that your herbal treatment for the skin is closer to a chemical peel. It is even more alarming when you realize what goes on your body-goes in your body. Make no mistake about it ,don't presume you are using a natural herbal skin care product...Read your label.

Betty Wolfe is a dedicated researcher of skin care and health products. She supports and uses products that are not polluted with chemical clutter that is found in most health and beauty products.

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