Natural Skin Care - The Simplest Remedy is Hydration

If you feel fatigued and your skin is dry and wrinkled, it may not be old age creeping up on you. You just might be dehydrated. The simplest natural skin care remedy is staying hydrated. Hydration results in better health and gorgeous skin.

Well-moisturized skin glows and is soft and supple to the touch. Staying hydrated as part of your natural skin care helps slow the signs of aging. It also protects you from dry skin, cracking, itching, chapping, and pain while helping your skin's ability to heal.

Even the symptoms of mild dehydration are noticeable in your body. Dehydration can occur after only a two percent loss or shortage of water in your body. This is why staying hydrated is an important aspect in natural skin care. Typical symptoms experienced with mild dehydration include thirst, fatigue, dry mouth, weakness, decreased urination, loss of appetite, and dry skin.

Dehydration can happen for several reasons other than not drinking enough water. Temperature, climate, medications, illness, and activity level can all lead to dehydration and dry skin. Natural skin care experts estimate that people lose a good amount of water just by breathing, urinating, sweating, and generally going about daily activities. With a high level of activity and a hot temperature, your body looses water quickly.

The first step in natural skin care is to hydrate your body from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. By sipping water throughout your day, you will help your skin maintain a balance of moisture. When you stay hydrated, your skin cells plump up, protecting your skin from dryness and moisture loss. Most natural skin care experts recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water per day, but this may vary depending on the amount of water your body loses, as some days you may need to replenish your body with more water than on other days.

The best amount of water to drink for natural skin care is the amount that feels right to you. Everyone is different and no set amount is perfect for every person. Never force yourself to drink water, as drinking too much water is dangerous. Do not gulp water, either. Leisurely sipping throughout your day is ideal.

Water acts as a natural skin care diuretic, assisting your kidneys in releasing toxins from your body. This can only happen if your body has enough water.

Drinking water as part of natural skin care allows you to hydrate the inside of your body, but there are also natural skin care remedies for the outside that you can apply directly to your skin.

Moisturizers - Slather on a natural skin care moisturizer made from natural ingredients as a healthy way to seal in your body's natural moisture, especially after a bath or shower. Natural skin care moisturizers offer a nourishing treat for your skin that also helps to fight aging.

Facial Mists - Consider mixing up a natural skin care facial mist from natural ingredients that contain beneficial antioxidants. Facial mists feel great on hot summer days while warm facial mists are a treat on cold winter days. Carry a small misting bottle containing your favorite natural skin care facial mist with you for a quick spritz throughout your day. Facial mists offer another great way to fight moisture loss from the outside.

Natural skin care, and in particular facial rejuvenation natural recipes you mix up yourself at home, offer ingredients that hydrate, heal, renew, and protect. Natural skin care's simplest remedy is stay hydrated and stay beautiful.

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Natural Skin Care | Vitamin C | L Ascorbic Acid | Natural Skin Care Products

The natural skin care ingredient, vitamin C should be in the form of L-ascorbic acid to be useful and effective to the skin and body. Studies reveal that vitamin C can stay in the skin for up to seventy-two hours, if it is applied on the skin once.

Vitamin C and Melanogenesis

The natural skin care ingredient vitamin C helps in the decrease of melanin formation. Actually, melanin is the one, which is responsible for the skin’s dark pigmentation.

Studies have clearly shown that vitamin C helps in skin lightening. A preparation can be used to clarify and even out the skin tone as it lightens dark spots and skin blemishes.

Vitamin C As A Sun Protection Ingredient

The natural skin care ingredient vitamin C helps in neutralizing the free radicals, cell membranes, the exceedingly reactive molecules created by the sunlight and other components of skin tissue’s interaction.

Vitamin C is not capable of absorbing the sunlight, thus it should not be used as supplement to sunscreen. It is however good applying it alongside a sunscreen product.

Vitamin C AS A Collagen Synthesizer

The natural skin care ingredient vitamin C is the only antioxidant proven to increase collagen synthesis. This natural skin care ingredient helps in healing of minor cuts and wounds.

As collagen decreases with age, photo aging further speed up the decrease. L-ascorbic acid in vitamin C acts as a signal and sends message to the collagen genes to manufacture more collagen. This natural skin care ingredient is also a cofactor for enzymes vital in collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C As A Antioxidant

The production of collagen is affected when the skin is exposed to reactive oxygen species, known as free radicals. These free radicals result in wrinkles and premature skin sagging transpire. Free radicals are produced due to over UV radiation exposure.

As UV radiation penetrates deep inside the skin create free radicals as well as other reactive agents that hit and damage the skin’s lipids. The natural skin care ingredient vitamin C helps the body in neutralizing these free radicals.

Functions of The Natural Skin Care Ingredient Vitamin C:

* Naturalizes pollutants.

* Maintains healthy skin

* Increase the rate of healing.

* Helps in the production of anti bodies.

* Fights off foreign invaders in the body.

* Increases collagen production in the skin.

* Is a natural antihistamine, can reduce allergic reactions.

Guidelines In Evaluating Natural Skin Care Products Containing Vitamin C:

* Check if the preparation is stable of the natural skin care products.

* L-ascorbic acid should be at a low ph level, to effectively penetrate the skin.

* The natural skin care product to look for is that which contains stable L-ascorbic acid, low ph and high concentration.

* Do remember that when a label says “vitamin C” on the natural skin care products does not mean that it contains L-ascorbic acid.

* Ask if the natural skin care product contain L-ascorbic acid. There are certain natural skin care products containing L-ascorbic acid within a vitamin c complex. Know what form of vitamin c is used.

L-ascorbic Skin Care Products:

Action C

Action C delivers L-ascorbic acid in concentrated form, without losing effectiveness to improve the appearance of blemished or sun damaged skin. It hydrates the skin resulting to a vibrant skin immediately upon the first application. It also shields the skin from the sun’s rays to minimize the effect of premature skin aging.

C Factor TM

High in L-ascorbic acid, this natural skin care product promotes cell renewal and protects the skin from future damage.

The Benefits C Factor TM include:

* Pores are unclogged.

* Improves skin tones.

* Has a moisturizing formula.

* Perks up sun-damaged skin.

* Sustains the elasticity of the skin.

* Help in the production of collagen.

* Can be used under daily make up.

* Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

* UV Aging is inhibited to achieve younger looking skin.


Uses L-ascorbic acid as its primary ingredient, combined with zinc sulphate and L-tyrosine, making the skin firmer, and decreases deep lines, which gives the skin a more youthful appearance.

This formulation is applied to the face once a day and results can be attained within eight to twelve weeks.

HydraXtract “C”

Vitamin C combined with vitamin E, aloe vera, panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), a-bisobolol, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), allantoin, and chamomile extract work to a more youthful and even skin tone.

In spite of all the benefits the natural skin care ingredient vitamin C provides, one should note that it is important not to get stuck on just one antioxidant alone.

Even though vitamin c is evidently very effective in reducing skin aging, it is very complicated, researchers suggest that it is best to fight against the factors, which are increasing skin aging using multiple antioxidants, and but not just relying on a few that has greater publicity.

rticle Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/natural-skin-care-vitamin-c-l-ascorbic-acid-natural-skin-care-products-180864.html About the Author: Alien writes for acne skin care. He also writes for makeup tips and skin problems



Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products Are Much Better Than Ones With Artificial Ingredients

If you are seeking the elixir of youth, you can find it everywhere nowadays, in the form of anti aging natural skin care products. You can see a multitude of such products on the market, but the question is which one is the best.

One tip is, to choose natural skin care products as they offer the right anti aging skin protection, without damaging your skin. These products contain powerful ingredients which can reverse the visible signs of aging, so that you can enjoy the beauty of youth longer in your life.

Most anti aging products that you see in the market make use a lot of chemical ingredients. Artificial or chemical ingredients deplete skin texture in the long run.

These chemicals show some artificial effects, which do not last for long and in time actually ruin skin texture. If you see anti aging natural skin care products having ingredients such as Acrylamide, alcohol, mineral oils, wax, parabens, DEA diethanolamine (DEA), monoethanolamine (MEA), and triethanolamine (TEA, fragrance, Nitrosamines, and Padimate-O, avoid them. Each of these ingredients harms the skin and they do not invigorate and nourish it.

The best anti aging skin care products are ones that use ingredients from nature. This is because such products bring in the wholesome goodness of nature to your skin, to revitalize it. Such products are available separately for women and men's skin.

You can use such anti aging natural skin care products in various forms. You can use them in the form of active day creams, rejuvenating night creams, and age defense body lotions. However to get the right effects, you need to choose products with the best natural ingredients.

The best anti aging skin care products include the following ingredients:

CynergyTK - This ingredient is highly effective in combating skin wrinkles, fine lines and makes skin firm and young looking. It is actually like putting on a second skin.

Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 - This ingredient seeps through several skin layers to work on wrinkles and dramatically reduces them.

Phytessence Wakame - This ingredient comes from Japanese sea kelp and helps to maintaining a firm, elastic, young looking skin.

Anti aging natural skin care products which have all these ingredients in high proportions can provide you with considerable relief from signs of aging. With regular usage you can find them to give you the following benefits:

* Smooth out any wrinkles and skin lines which show aging
* Make your sagging skin firm again
* Bring back a youthful appearance
* Reduce dark circles under your eyes
* Make skin hydrated, soft and supple
* Remove dark spots and age spots from the skin
* Prevent skin inflammation and act as a shield against natural elements which can damage skin

If you choose the best anti aging skin care you can see the best results. Your appearance looks younger and you feel more confident about your looks. People who notice you may even think, 'Gosh, you look a couple of years younger!'. Regular use of such products will help you to maintain a nourished skin texture and slow down skin aging signs.

Laura Sherman has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years. She has studied skin care extensively, and has contributed to many websites including Skin Health Guide, covering various natural treatments for wrinkles, fine lines and damaged skin.

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Natural Skin Care - The Secret to Looking & Feeling Like New From the Inside Out

Do you know the secret to healthier looking skin? With all the millions of skin care products in the market today, and many of them being of very good quality too, I still believe it all comes down to our daily habits and how well we are treating ourselves and our bodies. You see, I truly believe that skin care really is holistic. If you really want to start having healthier skin and looking and feeling better about yourself, it all starts with becoming aware of what you are doing and what you are putting into your body everyday.

So below I've put together a quick list for you of a few of what I feel to be the top most important things, the "secret" if you will, to improving how you look and feel from the inside out. Really take a look at them and honestly ask yourself what areas of your own life could improve a little or maybe even a lot, and then start with just the first step.

1: Healthy Diet + Water + Exercise:
How is your diet? Are you eating a healthy, high fiber diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables? The truth is how healthy our skin is and how healthy we feel physically really comes down to how well we are treating our bodies by the food we put into it. If your daily diet contains a high level of sugar, fat or chemical additives, then what you're doing is polluting your body as well as your skin with excess toxins that it may not be able to get rid of properly. Diseases such as cancer thrive on excess levels of sugar and fat in the body. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables containing high levels of nutrients and antioxidants can prevent disease and some experts would even argue, cure disease. However, eating a regular diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber, good proteins and carbohydrates, as well as essential fatty acids, will significantly help the body improve its detoxification and a clean body means cleaner organs, blood and also skin.

In addition, be sure to also drink plenty of water. The body needs plenty of water for proper functioning of the organs and also in maintaining proper hydration of the skin. And don't forget regular exercise too. Exercise is not only good for healthy weight management, it is also important for the body's overall circulation and oxygenation. Exercise gets the "body's juices going" and you just feel healthier and better overall after you're done. So the first important secret to looking and feeling good from the inside out is having a healthier diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly.

2: Take Natural Herbal Vitamin Supplements:
Are you taking any vitamins or supplements everyday? The next secret to looking and feeling good from the inside out is to take a good natural herbal vitamin supplement. With our busy and hectic schedules everyday, it really is very difficult to get all the recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis so taking a good natural herbal vitamin supplement in combination to a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise, I feel is also essential. Look for a complete "whole food" concentrated vitamin supplement that is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants, good probiotic bacteria, digestive enzymes, and essential fatty acids.

These herbal supplements are excellent for increasing energy and vitality, promoting good circulation and bowel regularity, strengthening the body's immunity and also reducing free radical damage. These herbal vitamin supplements can be found in a pill or capsule or also as a powder to combine with water. I prefer using the powder form with water because it also helps me increase my body's fluid level. Whichever form you prefer, both will be very effective. So the second secret to looking and feeling good from the inside out is to take a good natural herbal vitamin supplement daily.

3: Have Good Skin Care Habits:
How are your skin care habits? Do you have good habits? Another secret to looking & feeling good from the inside out I thought important enough to add to this list is the importance of having good skin care hygiene and habits. For healthier skin, gently cleansing at least 1X-2X daily of all dirt, oil and impurities is essential. Also equally important is to exfoliate your skin at least 1X a week or more depending on your skin. Exfoliation is important because it helps unclog pores by extracting old dead skin cells from the skin's outer layer surface. Exfoliation also helps control oil and improves the skin's tone and texture leaving it looking newer and fresher in appearance.

Lastly, I recommend also using a good toner because no matter how well you have cleansed or exfoliated your skin, there is always some dirt, oil or debris remaining. However with a gentle, oil-free, natural toner, any remaining dirt, oil or impurities are removed, and the skin is left looking and feeling clean, fresh and naturally hydrated.

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Advantage of Natural Skin Care

Skin is a natural wealth. It reply much better to natural oils and lubricants than it does to cosmetics holding petrochemicals and artificial substances. The skin is also the bigest excretion organ, eradicating bodily waste through its pores. The skin takes a beating from the natural components of sun, wind and rain every day. Skin care is the care of the skin. Skin needs various extra help to stay young and healthy looking as we evolve older. Natural skin care is the care of the skin using naturally-derived elements confederated with naturally happening carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers.

Natural skin care should be designed to suitable your type of skin. Natural skin care goes further the application of products on one's skin. It also relate to a holistic philosophy surrounding the holistic care of one's body. A natural skin care product will be better engrossed into the skin than one made with, say, mineral oil. People who use natural skin care products are less involved with synthetic beauty enhancements, as they feel that natural beauty is healthy beauty. Natural skin care products made from vegetable or fruit extracts may be basic toxic. Honey's natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties.

Honey's capacity to absorb and keep moisture have been recognised and used great in skin care treatments as they help to protect the skin from the breakage of the sun's rays and rejuvenate depleted skin. Jojoba skin care is a natural remedy. Jojoba is a natural moisturizer for the skin. The oil is likely to the natural sebum of whale. Also, it soothe the skin. The use of a moisturizing cream on the body skin can be useful, particularly in winter when mature skin tends to be drier. Shea butter can be create in a host of products at drug stores, high-end beauty boutiques, and e-tailers.

Shea butter is also a staple of African pharmacology due to its potent healing ability. Even today, clinical trials demonstrate shea butter's capacity to deliver effective therapeutic results as well as safe and natural skincare. Fruit oils are frequently used in shower gels and soaps to nourish, stimulate and hydrate the skin and hair. Dark leafy green vegetables are great for healthy skin, especially kale and spinach, as they are a good source of zinc and iron. Iron will make certain your skin gets enough oxygen and zinc is a great pimple fighter. Citrus fruits are famous natural components as they elevate skin development.

Abraham Galvin writes articles for skin care tips and beauty tips.

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Natural Skin Care Solutions That Works!

Natural skin care solutions may seem hard to find, or too overwhelming to decide which is best for your skin. You wander the aisles trying to figure out which ones are a real skin care solution. You try cucumbers or tea bags over your eyes, and other recipes and advise from friends, but none of their skin care solutions are working for you. No need to fret!

Here are 3 easy solutions for you:

1. A mixture of lavender, German chamomile, frank incense, wheat germ,grape seed, jojoba and olive oils can make great skin care for your face. It can reduce or help prevent wrinkles. You can also use these oils to create your own body oils and lotions. The best thing about natural skin care is you get to customize it just for you!

2. For exfoliation, you can use any of the oils mentioned above, or others that you enjoy and mix with a salt scrub. Use this to exfoliate your skin for soothing and relaxing, natural skin care solution.

3. Some perfumes can aggravate your skin, giving you unsightly rashes and even effect your allergies. This happens because of the chemicals used in most manufactured perfumes. You can create your own natural perfumes with a jojoba oil base and various blends of essential oils. Mix and match, experiment to create a natural perfume that you enjoy.

Essential oils are excellent for the creation of your own natural skin care uses. It’s also fun to make your own natural skin care solutions using different oils and bases! Have fun while taking care of your skin with products that you know what ingredients are being put in it. You can take control of your skin care with your own natural skin care solutions!

Jerrick Foo has been researching and developing all dry skin care the purpose of offering men and women safe, dry skin care tips. He have created Dry Skin Care Guide to share his 10 years of combined expertise with you. Visit http://www.dry-skin-care-guide.com for essential skin care tips.

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Natural Skin Care For Healthy Skin

Probably you have heard people talks about natural skin care. What is actually natural skin care? Basically, natural skin care is using natural ingredients for skin care products, including roots, essential oils, various flowers and also various herbs.

Nowadays natural skin care products have become increasingly popular, because people are constantly looking for new varieties of skin care products. Entrepreneurs see that as opportunities and many companies are starting to offer natural products to their customers.

Even the name is natural, but natural skin care product is not always created by 100% natural ingredients. Most of them are combination of natural substances with natural preservatives, various emulsifiers and a variety of surfactants.

The above fact makes several people who have tried a natural skin care approach have decided to make their own products in order to ensure they are applying only natural products to their skin. Chamomile is one of favorite skin care ingredients for people, because it can heal as well as anti-inflammatory abilities when put on topically.

Quality natural body care products are purely from botanical based and do not have synthetic chemicals. It is also important that the manufacturing process that is utilized does not damage the natural ingredients.

Skin Care Product Variations: From Honey to Shea Butter

Honey, Jojoba and Shea Butter are popular skincare ingredients. Let take a look at them

Honey will retain moisture of your skin. It also has the ability to help your skin take in moisture. Honey is rich with antioxidants and also contains some anti-microbial. Any skin care products which contain the appropriate amount of honey are effective to prevent your skin from the sun and some experts say that it can also rejuvenate your skin.

You might want to try some Jojoba for your skin, since jojoba is considered to be a natural skin care product. The main function of Jojoba is to soften up the skin. Many popular skin care products use Jojoba as their main ingredients.

Shea butter is found in kernels from the Karite tree and is contained in numerous natural skin care products and it. Research shows that shea butter can provide significant therapeutic results. Experts also say that shea butter in an unrefined, certified organic form is useful for treating skin problems including eczema, stretch marks, dermatitis and even psoriasis. However, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before trying any skin care products.

About the Author: Mira Yasmine likes to use Natural Skin Care products, because she believes it contain less chemical ingredients than the artificial ones. Check out her site in http://www.SkinCare-Zone.com/

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