Natural Skin Care - The Simplest Remedy is Hydration

If you feel fatigued and your skin is dry and wrinkled, it may not be old age creeping up on you. You just might be dehydrated. The simplest natural skin care remedy is staying hydrated. Hydration results in better health and gorgeous skin.

Well-moisturized skin glows and is soft and supple to the touch. Staying hydrated as part of your natural skin care helps slow the signs of aging. It also protects you from dry skin, cracking, itching, chapping, and pain while helping your skin's ability to heal.

Even the symptoms of mild dehydration are noticeable in your body. Dehydration can occur after only a two percent loss or shortage of water in your body. This is why staying hydrated is an important aspect in natural skin care. Typical symptoms experienced with mild dehydration include thirst, fatigue, dry mouth, weakness, decreased urination, loss of appetite, and dry skin.

Dehydration can happen for several reasons other than not drinking enough water. Temperature, climate, medications, illness, and activity level can all lead to dehydration and dry skin. Natural skin care experts estimate that people lose a good amount of water just by breathing, urinating, sweating, and generally going about daily activities. With a high level of activity and a hot temperature, your body looses water quickly.

The first step in natural skin care is to hydrate your body from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. By sipping water throughout your day, you will help your skin maintain a balance of moisture. When you stay hydrated, your skin cells plump up, protecting your skin from dryness and moisture loss. Most natural skin care experts recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water per day, but this may vary depending on the amount of water your body loses, as some days you may need to replenish your body with more water than on other days.

The best amount of water to drink for natural skin care is the amount that feels right to you. Everyone is different and no set amount is perfect for every person. Never force yourself to drink water, as drinking too much water is dangerous. Do not gulp water, either. Leisurely sipping throughout your day is ideal.

Water acts as a natural skin care diuretic, assisting your kidneys in releasing toxins from your body. This can only happen if your body has enough water.

Drinking water as part of natural skin care allows you to hydrate the inside of your body, but there are also natural skin care remedies for the outside that you can apply directly to your skin.

Moisturizers - Slather on a natural skin care moisturizer made from natural ingredients as a healthy way to seal in your body's natural moisture, especially after a bath or shower. Natural skin care moisturizers offer a nourishing treat for your skin that also helps to fight aging.

Facial Mists - Consider mixing up a natural skin care facial mist from natural ingredients that contain beneficial antioxidants. Facial mists feel great on hot summer days while warm facial mists are a treat on cold winter days. Carry a small misting bottle containing your favorite natural skin care facial mist with you for a quick spritz throughout your day. Facial mists offer another great way to fight moisture loss from the outside.

Natural skin care, and in particular facial rejuvenation natural recipes you mix up yourself at home, offer ingredients that hydrate, heal, renew, and protect. Natural skin care's simplest remedy is stay hydrated and stay beautiful.

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Dehydration triggers the development of acne. So the simplest and cheapest way to treat acne is to drink plenty of water.