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People who buy natural skin care products are searching for creams and lotions that provide real results. Baby boomers and college age people use natural products like lotions, facial soaps, foaming facial cleansers and peel-off facial masks because they have become indifferent towards pharmaceuticals. People are content spending a couple more dollars on products because they feel the health benefits are worth the extra dollars but natural does not automatically mean it is a perfect solution for everyone.

The fascination with natural skin care products can be linked to a shift in people's priorities and lifestyles. People are becoming more aware of the planet and the environment. They generally assume that natural acne lotions are environmentally friendlier and healthier than their antibiotic counterparts. For the most part, that generalization holds up but natural skin care products are not always what people think they are.

Natural Skin Care

There are a couple thoughts to keep in mind when searching for a natural acne care product. First of all, is the product environmentally friendly? Not every product is. Cosmetic products can and often do emit a considerable amount of pollutants into the atmosphere on a daily basis. According to some recent reports, elements like fluorocarbons, acetone, and phenols found as additives in some natural skin care products dissipate and add to ozone issues.

Not only can this alter air quality but it can alter the reproduction habits of some aquatic species. When some additives dissipate into the air, they can settle in lakes and rivers and change the breeding habits of fish and other animals. Natural skincare products commonly contain botanical elements. Have you ever considered that maybe those exact same botanicals were treated with pesticides and fertilizers? Would you still feel the same about your new natural skin care cream or lotion if this were the case?

Is your natural skin care product truly helping your skin? There are many "natural" skincare businesses who put parabens and additives in their products. Preservatives need to be toxic to bacteria in order to improve the shelf life of the cream. Now parabens have been the norm but recently there have been some disputable investigations questioning the toxicity of the preservative and its role in the evolution of tumors. While tumor development would be very rare, more common side effects of parabens include general irritation and Atopic dermatitis.

Natural Ingredients in a Skin Care Product Some natural ingredients are more advanced than others. Are you searching for an all natural acne care treatment that was not tainted by preservatives or will not hurt the ozone layer? Thanks to the discovery of a new biological skin care element, you can stimulate the natural remodeling process of your own skin and should old, dying cells and let new, healthy ones emerge to give the skin a healthier appearance.

When applied topically to fresh, clean skin, the biological ingredient will fuse with your own skin cells and:

* soothe irritated skin by controlling the expansion of capillaries that often cause rashes on the skin. This releases fibrin which guards the frail inner walls of the capillaries and advances unhindered blood flow.

* stimulate collagen synthesis by improving cellular transmissions in the body. Improving the ability of cells to communicate amongst themselves incites the proliferation of fibroblasts in the skin. Fibroblasts boost collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, making it flexible and strong.

* limit oxidative damage and free radical formation using ingredients that possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. This helps protect the healthy cells around a skin trauma.

* revive the capacity of the skin layers to remain full of moisture by motivate the development of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, the molecules that give the skin its ability to maintain moisture. This strengthens the skin. Strong elements prevent dry skin and help avoid cracking and flaking.

Yes, one natural skincare product can do all this! And this isn't even a complete list of the positive aspects of the all natural beauty care for the treatment of skin problems. We invite you to go right now to our page and read all about the biological skin care product and how it can help you rejuvenate your skin.

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